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What Do We Do?

We help the underdogs become the top dogs in their industries. How? By assisting you, the founder, with building your brand with personal LinkedIn management, helping payroll companies to boost their leads, and helping companies of any nature improve their search engine rankings.

What’s The Story?

It all starts with our sister company, guHRoo. This pioneering payroll and HR firm harnessed the most effective marketing techniques that yielded remarkable results, and decided to extend this winning strategy to assist other payroll companies. What started as an effort to aid small payroll bureaus has now flourished into an enterprise catering to diverse industries and individuals from various locations.

The Awesome Team

Matt Vaadi


Brooke Burris

Account Manager

Sherra Abecilla

Marketing Coordinator

Kierra Dailey


Louzandy Sarinas

Web Developer

Ryxzanielle Carbungco

Marketing Coordinator

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